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With products created for athletes, by athletes and backed by clinical research, we’re confident your community will love hearing about them. Learn more about our mission and products below.

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Our Products

We take tremendous pride in offering unique, cutting-edge products backed by research.

Every ingredient in our products has multiple studies demonstrating a scientifically significant benefit or outcome. We clearly list every ingredient and link to all the research available to support its efficacy. 

We want you to be as confident using and recommending our products as we are…

It all starts with

Authentic Relationships

While we appreciate anyone who helps promote our products, we are focused on developing real relationships with thought leaders, experts, and inspirations in the community and to their audience.

That means we want to go beyond the typical “one-off” influencer promotion and tailor a campaign unique to you and your audience.

Our aim is to give you creative freedom to incorporate our products naturally and authentically in a way that you know resonates with your audience.

Our goal is a


We appreciate the community you’ve built because that’s what we’re all about.

That’s why our goal is to make this a win for you, your audience, and us.

Try and Believe in the Product

Authenticity is critical to us, so we genuinely want you to believe in the product, the ingredients, or how it's worked for you.

Make it Easy to Share

We'll work with you to make it easy to create and share content by providing creative ideas, examples, videos, images, hashtags and talking points.

Get Rewarded

We can structure an incentive program based on your goals to reward you for the value you bring to us and your audience.

Gift Your Community Discounts

Your community will get deals such as discounts, free shipping, and free gifts with purchase.

Earn Commission on Sales

We offer a tiered commission structure that rewards you the more you earn. Our goal is to create long-term partners.

Giveaways and Contests

Free product so you can run giveaways and contests your audience will love.

Exclusive Access to Products

Get first-access to new product launches as well as exclusive flavor and product drops.

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