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By simply taking 2 capsules of MAS Iron before bed, you can expect to experience:

Stop Letting Low Iron Levels Impact Your Training

10 %

of All Runners Suffer from Low Iron

Hunding A, Jordal R, Paulev PE. Runner’s anemia and iron deficiency. Acta Med Scand
10 %

of Runners with Low Iron Experience Performance Gains with Supplementation 

The Journal of Nutrition Volume 144, Issue 6, June 2014, Pages 906-914
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More Likely to Suffer from Low Iron Compared to Non-Runners.

Ferritin: An Iron Deficiency Biomarker in Collegiate Female Distance Runners

Outside of training deficiencies, low iron is one of the most common reasons for poor results during workouts and races.

low iron levels Result in fewer red blood cells to transport oxygen

Red blood cells, which contain hemoglobin, transport oxygen to your working muscles when you run.

If you have low iron levels, you will generate fewer red blood cells and your hemoglobin levels will decline. Therefore, less oxygen will be transported to your muscles, and running performance will suffer.

low iron stores result in significant declines in lactate threshold

Ferritin is an iron storage protein; your body uses it to hold on to iron atoms until they’re needed

New research has has indicated that low ferritin levels have a persistent, performance-inhibiting effect even when hemoglobin levels are normal.

In fact, researchers found that rowers with low ferritin and normal hemoglobin are as much as 21 seconds slower than the rowers with normal ferritin.

iron deficiency increases mental & physical fatigue from TRAINING

Iron deficiency has been shown in research to be directly responsible for increased levels of physical and mental fatigue from training.

This effect may be linked to an alteration of mitochondrial metabolism in the muscle that reduces physical capacity.

Why Do Runners Lose More Iron?

Loss of Iron With Each Step

A process called foot strike hemolysis occurs in runners, especially those who run high mileage. Foot strike hemolysis is a process where red blood cells are damaged when the foot hits the ground, thus reducing your hemoglobin levels.

Loss of Iron Through Sweating

Iron is lost through sweating. While the amount of iron loss isn’t staggering, for a runner working out in hot and humid conditions, the losses can easily add up, especially compared to the general population.

Loss of Iron from GI Tract

Third, loss of iron through the GI tract (primarily the stomach or large intestine) is a problem for some athletes. Iron loss through the GI tract is fairly minor, but there may be a cumulative effect over months of running that leads to iron deficiency.

Loss of Iron from Menstruation

Finally, female runners have an especially difficult time maintaining proper iron levels since they also lose iron during menstruation

Introducing Mas Iron: The most effective way to elevate your iron levels



What’s the problem with getting iron through food, multivitamins, or generic iron supplements?

Iron has been shown to be notoriously difficult for the body to absorb and utilize.

In fact, iron bioavailability is estimated to be 14% to 18% for those consuming animal products and as low as 5% to 12% for plant-based eaters.

Why is iron so difficult for us to absorb through diet alone?

Common iron-rich foods contain compounds that bind to iron

One reason is that iron-rich plant foods often contain phytates, compounds that bind to iron, rendering it inaccessible to the body as it travels through the digestive tract.

There are also the polyphenols (which include tannins), as well as certain micronutrients and proteins in our foods that inhibit absorption.

It adds up to a broad range of foods and food ingredients that have the potential to inhibit absorption.

Consuming iron alongside other nutrients inhibits absorption

It’s not only the iron in your foods that make absorption difficult; all the foods you eat at your meal impact absorption. Calcium, protein and caffeine have all been shown in research to inhibit the absorption of iron. Therefore, even when trying to eat a healthy, iron-rich diet, you still may not be getting the iron you need to support your training.

Generic Iron Supplements Use the Least Effective Ingredients

Most generic iron supplements use cheaper forms of iron because they know many consumers won’t know the difference.

These cheaper forms of iron have been shown in research to be less effective than more expensive forms of iron, such as ferrous bisglycinate.

Moreover, if you’re using a multivitamin to try and  increase your iron uptake, almost nothing is absorbed by the body due to the interference from the other vitamins and minerals found in multivitamins. 

So Why Is MAS IRON Better?

MAS Iron combines the most efficiently absorbed form elemental iron with clinically proven ingredients to aid in absorption.

Each ingredient tested alone with iron demonstrated the ability to enhance absorption by 30% to 400%. This is why MAS Iron performs like no other iron product on the market.

4x Better Absorption

The addition of Alpha GPC when taking an iron supplement has been shown to increase absorption up to four times compared with taking iron alone. Alpha GPC has also been shown to increase the absorption of nonheme iron from food sources.

30% Increase in Bioavailability

Clinical research on BioPerine has made it clear that black pepper increases the uptake of iron supplements as much as 30%. Researchers believe this is because BioPerine enhances the bioavailability of iron supplements.

50% Fewer GI Side Effects

Not only is iron bisglycinate better absorbed than all other forms of iron, but research has shown using iron bisglycinate  resulted in 50-percent fewer GI side effects compared to the same dose of iron sulfate. 


Initial Labs
After 30 Days
I suffered from low iron for years because I just couldn't stay consistent with my iron supplement due to the frequent stomach issues. Mas Iron is the first iron supplement I've tried that causes no stomach issues, which has resulted in me finally staying consistent and seeing the needle move on my iron labs.
Isamar Riccitelli

That's Why We Have Our
No Return Necessary Money-Back Guarantee

Try MAS Iron and if you don’t see your iron levels increase after 60 days or you’re unhappy for any reason, just let us know via email or phone and we’ll refund your money. No product return needed or complicated policies.

consistency is key

we recommend taking MAS iron for 60-90 days

Although you will feel MAS Iron working right away to elevate your iron levels and reduce symptoms of iron-related fatigue and reductions in performance, the best results come with consistent use.

That’s why we recommend taking MAS Iron consistently for 60-90 days, along with measuring your blood work, to get maximum results.

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  • Linda

    Great customer service

    Liking the product so far and very happy with the customer service. I had a few questions about using iron given a few of my issues and their support team got back to me right away.

    February 26, 2024
    Verified Review

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  • Carrie


    I bought this product as soon as it launched. Honestly, it almost seemed like they developed the product for my exact issues. I’ve had issues with low iron since I was in college and I tried everything to keep my levels consistently up, even cooking in cast iron pans. I wanted to try this product to see if it was really gentler on my stomach. So far no issues and after only a few weeks I already feel like I do when I know my iron levels are up. I’ll get some blood work soon, but really impressed with the product so far!

    February 19, 2024
    Verified Review

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  • Martin

    Five stars

    It works as advertised and has supercharged my workout progress. Five stars from me.  

    February 14, 2024
    Verified Review

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  • Dan

    Skeptical but glad I did

    I was skeptical at first since I may have been one of the first to purchase during their initial launch, but I am happy I did.Order arrived quick with solid packaging. Nice touch. I haven’t been able to test with any labs yet (still too soon) but I have noticed a lot less lethargy throughout the day and I’ve felt a lot better during my workouts the last few weeks.

    February 1, 2024
    Verified Review

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  • Tom


    I have tried other iron supplements in the past, but they always left me feeling bloated and uncomfortable. I didn’t experience any of those unpleasant side effects. Plus, knowing that it is well-absorbed means I can trust that my body is getting the iron it needs.

    February 21, 2024
    Verified Review

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  • Melissa

    Effective but wish it was a gummy

    I’ve been using a gummy iron for quite a while and I really prefer that than taking pills. The pills are small, but I still don’t like taking them. I may purchase the ferritin test to see how much different it is.

    March 4, 2024
    Verified Review

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Outside of training deficiencies, low iron is one of the most common reasons for poor results during workouts and races.

Recent research indicates that almost 56% of male runners and 86% of female runners suffer from an iron deficiency that severely hampers performance.

Thus, there is a very good chance you have low iron levels and could see improvement from supplementing from iron.

Mas Iron has been proven to be better than any current iron supplement on the market, so if you need to raise your iron levels it’s your best choice.

It’s best to take iron as soon as you wake up or before bed, once per day.

This is because iron is not easily absorbed by the body, especially when it’s taken with other nutrients, such as grains, proteins, calcium and caffeine.

While the product itself has many ingredients to aid in absorption, it’s still best to take it outside of meal times.

2 capsules, once per day.

If you have your bloodwork done and you’re in your “optimized zone” then you can pull back to one pill per day as maintenance.

Because it’s difficult to absorb iron from the foods we eat, light supplementation is still recommended when you’re at your optimized levels.

Yes, absolutely. While we do recommend getting your blood work done periodically (every 3-6 months) it’s perfectly fine to take iron without this.

We recommend blood work because with the technology available these days, it’s relatively cheap and easy to do at home and getting an accurate picture of your health is always a smart idea.


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Many companies offer a money-back guarantee because they know the majority of dissatisfied customers aren’t going to go through the hassle of actually returning the product to get their money back.

We don’t play these games because we don’t have to, the quality of our products makes it unnecessary.

If you order any of our supplements for the first time and don’t like it, you can keep it. Just notify us and we’ll give you a full refund. No complicated forms and no return necessary.

To protect ourselves from fraud, the It’s-On-Us guarantee is only valid for first-time purchases of a product, and redeemable up to 365 days after purchase. If you bought more than one supplement and weren’t happy with your purchase, in some instances, we may ask that you send the products back to us for a refund. Don’t worry though, you’ll never have to pay for return shipping.

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