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What Makes Us Different?

As lifelong runners, we grew tired of supplement companies catering to cyclists, bodybuilders, and even gamers while also pushing products with unproven ingredients or ineffective doses to make a profit.

Our mission is to cut through the outrageous claims and marketing nonsense to bring you the best evidence-based, cutting-edge supplements designed specifically for runners runners.

We dive deep on the science and only include the highest quality ingredients with research backed benefits.

It’s finally time for runners to have supplements that work as hard as they do!

Clinically Tested & Proven Ingredients

Every ingredient in our products has multiple studies demonstrating a scientifically significant benefit or outcome.

We don’t include any fad or fancy sounding ingredients just to pad the label.

Every formula is critiqued and revised in accordance with feedback from independent scientific advisors to ensure proper efficiency.

Scientifically Optimal Doses

Underdosing or using proprietary blends to hide the ingredient amounts is a way many supplement companies try to save money.

Our products have scientifically efficacious dosages and we disclose the exact amount on every label

Only The Highest Quality Ingredients

Not all ingredients are created the same.

For example, ferrous bisglycinate and ferrous sulfate are both forms of iron. However, research has shown that bisglycinate is absorbed almost 2 x better.

Most supplement companies use the cheapest, least effective forms of these ingredients, many of which are not bioavailable. While they may cost more, we only use the highest quality and most effective forms of every ingredient.

I suffered from low iron for years because I just couldn't stay consistent with my iron supplement due to the frequent stomach issues. Mas Iron is the first iron supplement I've tried that causes no stomach issues, which has resulted in me finally staying consistent and seeing the needle move on my iron labs.
Isamar Riccitelli

Our Products

MAS Iron

Clinically effective doses of 6 scientifically proven ingredients make this the most well-absorbed, cutting-edge iron supplement.


MAS Fasted

Natural fasted training enhancer designed to improve your ability to burn fat as a fuel source during fasted training


MAS Recovery

The optimal ratio of nutrients you need to ignite your recovery so you can fully absorb the full benefits of your training.