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Whether your goal is to race faster, increase performance, improve recovery, or simply be the healthiest, best runner you can be, our products are designed to fuel your training and lifestyle.

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MAS Iron

MAS Iron was developed for a single purpose: to be the most well-absorbed, cutting-edge iron supplement for runners who want to ensure they have the iron they need to perform their best. 

By combining the most efficiently absorbed elemental iron supplement with clinical proven ingredients to aid in absorption, MAS Iron performs like no other iron product on the market.

At-Home Ferritin Test

At-home ferritin testing makes establishing a baseline and periodically monitoring your iron easy. Ensure your levels are always where they need to be. 

With our discount and partnerships, we offer one of the cheapest ways to get a simple ferritin blood test. Compare to the cost of other popular blood biomarker services.

MAS Recovery

MAS Recovery is the post-workout recovery product designed specifically for the needs of runners and endurance athletes.

Cutting-edge ingredients specifically formulated to deliver the optimal ratio of nutrients you need to ignite your recovery so you can fully absorb the full benefits of your training and bounce back quicker for your next workout.

MAS Fasted Fat Burner

Our Fasted Fat Burner is the only pre-workout fat burner for endurance athletes that contains clinically effective doses of 7 scientifically proven ingredients that help boost fat metabolism when training fasted.

This enables you to increase fat utilization as a fuel source when training for the half marathon, marathon, and ultra events.

Clinically proven to:

Our Commitment To You!

We take pride in having total control over what goes into our products at every step in the process.

From the raw ingredient to the finished bottle, each MAS EDGE supplement is fine-tuned to provide only the purest, most absorbable nutrients, that are made with no unnecessary fillers, no binders, and no short cuts.

All of our products are manufactured in the U.S. and are GMP certified and FDA registered.

By carefully formulating and manufacturing our branded supplements, we know you can feel confident in your supplement choices and to trust what you are putting into your body.

Every finished product that passes through our doors on its way to you has been thoroughly vetted to ensure you only receive products with the highest quality standards possible.

When you trust us, you are trusting the cleanest solutions and the strictest specifications.
It’s part of why thousands of health-care professionals and runners worldwide recommend MAS EDGE.